Allterum Therapeutics is building an oncology franchise targeting the IL-7 axis starting with a monoclonal antibody against CD127 (also known as IL-7Rα).

Developing treatments for
IL-7R expressing

Allterum Therapeutics, Inc., is a biopharmaceutical company targeting the IL-7 pathway for the treatment of IL-7R expressing cancers. Allterum was founded in 2018 by Fannin in Houston, TX.

Why Allterum Therapeutics


Relapsed/Refractory Hematologic Malignancies

Allterum is initially focusing on developing therapies for patients with relapsed disease who may not have effective standard options available to them. In particular, patients with relapsed/refractory T-cell ALL and B-cell hematologic malignancies, while relatively rare, have a relatively poor prognosis as a result of a lack of effective therapies.


Lymphomas and Solid Tumors with IL-7R Over-expression

Allterum is actively identifying other cancers with IL-7R over-expression where patients may benefit from treatment with our monoclonal antibody.

Our Partnerships & Collaborators

``I am excited to work with Allterum to develop a much-needed option for the treatment of children with T-cell ALL.``
Eric Schafer, M.D., M.H.S.
Assist. Professor, Pediatrics-Oncology | Texas Children's Hospital & Baylor College of Medicine
”After years of searching for a way to help those kids who have no effective treatment for their leukemia, I’m thrilled to see Allterum take our antibody into the clinic.”
Scott Durum, Ph.D.
Inventor | Cytokine and Immunity Section | National Cancer Institute

Allterum is a Fannin company.

Fannin is Houston's most active early-stage life sciences development group with the primary focus being on development of early stage assets, in partnership with our academic collaborators. The studio’s assets include internally developed assets like Brevitest and in-licensed assets from academic institutions including local Houstonian institutions such as MD Anderson Cancer Center, Baylor College of Medicine, Rice University, Houston Methodist, Texas A&M, Texas Children’s, University of Texas, and University of Houston.

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