Allterum’s Antibody

Allterum is building a franchise addressing the IL-7R pathway starting with 4A10, a monoclonal antibody targeted against CD127. CD127 is part of a receptor complex located on T-cells and Pre B-cells. Especially in the context of cancer cells, CD127 plays a critical role in driving cancer growth, being frequently expressed at a higher level, or in a more activated form, and has been posited as playing a key role in ALL oncogenesis and chemotherapy-resistance. Allterum’s 4A10 antibody is the first immunotherapy approach to target CD127. 4A10 uses the patient’s own immune system to target cancer cells for destruction. 4A10 is currently in development for the treatment of relapsed leukemia and will expand to other heme malignancies and solid tumors.

4A10 and CD127 (also known as IL-7Rα) in Scientific Literature

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